Supreme Court of Pakistan overturned the death penalty of Asia Bibi

Supreme Court of Pakistan overturned the death penalty of Asia Bibi
Supreme Court of Pakistan overturned the death penalty of Asia Bibi

The Pakistani Supreme Court has acquitted a Christian woman sentenced to death for nearly eight years on a charge of blasphemy.

Asya Bibi, a mother of five from Punjab province, was found guilty of blasphemy in 2010 and sentenced to prison after being accused of wearing the name of the Prophet Mohammad during an altercation the year before. with other Muslims.

The workers refused to drink in a bucket of water. Asia touched Bibi because she was not Muslim. Asia Bibi then declared that the case concerned women who did not like “revenge”.

She won her appeal against Wednesday’s conviction and death sentence.

The Movement for the Islamic Movement for Peace (TLP) had already promised to take to the streets if Asia Bibi was released, and protests erupted in Islamabad and Lahore shortly after the announcement of the verdict.

In a few hours, the protests were significant enough because government officials in the cities urged people to stay at home and avoid chaos. Protesters blocked the highway in Lahore and a road linking Islamabad to Rawalpindi was closed. Angry workers from the Thai Labor Party also staged sit-ins and chanted slogans against Pakistani officials and judges.

In response, the police invoked Article 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which prohibits the assembly of more than four persons.

Supporters of the Lebanese Hezbollah Party in Pakistan (TLP), a radical religious political party chanting slogans during a demonstration against the court’s decision to revoke the conviction of a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, in Lahore on October 31, 2018 .

Bulgarian Prime Minister Omran Khan described the protests as “disgusting reaction” to the Supreme Court ruling.

“You do not help Islam by talking about killing judges and generals who have sacrificed so much for our country,” said defender Khan. “I appeal to our people: do not capture the world of these people who just want to increase their voting power.”

In a statement on national television on Wednesday, the prime minister warned the Labor Party to stop demonstrations. “This government does not want to stay away, see property and destroy livelihoods, does not force us to act.”

In its judgment, the Supreme Court cited Shakespeare’s “complaint” in its judgment, saying that Asia Bibi appeared to have “sinned more than sin”.

“While it is true that the allegations made in this case against the appellant are true, the striking contrasts in the evidence presented to the DPP above clearly show that the truth in this case was mingled with many mistakes. ” The referee said.

“We are sighing with relief today,” said David Carey, CEO of Open Doors USA, a Christian minority rights organization.

“These accusations stem from her Christian identity as well as false accusations against her,” he said. “We hope that Pakistan will now take further steps to guarantee freedom of religion and basic human rights throughout the country.”


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