LDA closed Eight Illegal Offices of Housing Societies

LDA closed Eight Illegal Offices of Housing Societies
LDA closed Eight Illegal Offices of Housing Societies

Today: Lahore Development Authority continued their operation against illegal housing societies and closed some illegal offices this Tuesday.

Officials from the planning wing of the LDA Institute and the Special Housing Management Plans Directorate raided the Rhodwind and Grand Trunk neighborhoods of the provincial capital. LDA officials closed the offices of the Second Great Stage, Dream Housing Program, Royal Enclave, Mehr Park, Phase II of Hadi City, Rich Green Phase III Land, Phase 4 of Fun and Metro City (sectors C and D).

These 35-member teams include the study and preparation of lists of approved, illegal and illegal housing plans as well as legal and illegal subdivisions located in the four counties of Lahore. There was Chicobura, Nanka, Sahib and Kasour. These teams will also identify all types of offenses, including illegal structures, illegal subdivisions and offenses. They will also take action against irregularities and report within 10 days.

This is the first time that power has taken action on this scale. Previously, the developer of the city used these disks in silence. LDA officials believe that it is sufficient to publish advertisements in newspapers and publish the details of illegal housing projects on their website. However, following the decision of the Supreme Court and the political government’s determination to eliminate corruption and encroachments, the city’s development corporation also embarked on a massive campaign in the provincial capital.


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