Husband stolen wife’s kidney

in western Bengal a lady submit a complaint about her husband that he took out my kidney with help of a local private hospital in Kolkata city.


An Indian lady registered a complaint against her husband and husband’s brother in a local police station in western Bengal. she blamed that her husband and his brother both took out her kidney in exchange of paraphernalia of a bride from her body.

according to local media this lady told her husband about a normal stomach pain and her husband took her to the hospital for appendix operation. at the end of 2017 they came to know after two medical checkups that the lady have a single kidney.

lady blames on her husband that her husband demanded for paraphernalia of a bride so many times. the lady named Reeta Sarkar told the local media that her husband beaten her so many times because of paraphernalia of a bride and he fought with her many times. she said my husband took me to the local hospital of Kolkata city. there medical staff comfort me that after this short appendix operation i will be alright.

Reeta Sarkar said, my husband warned me to don’t discuss with anyone about this operation. after one month i felt pain in my stomach and then my relative took me to the hospital, there medical staff told me that there is no right kidney in my body. then i realize why my husband warned me about not discussing with anyone about that operation.

local police submitted the report according to Indian penal court in which they trial on three persons. And police added clauses of

  1. attempt of murder
  2. illegal transplantation of organs
  3. beating the wife
  4. asking illegally for paraphernalia of a bride


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